Hot Ink Roll Coder



Printing Type: Automated printing using ink roll.
Range of Application:Purpose built for installing on all kinds of horizontal and vertical packing machines for automatic printing production date, lot/batch number and other related information
Installation Method: The mounting bracket is to be custom built to meet the various mounting position for the coder on different packaging machine in order not to interfere with the proper running of the packing machine.


  • Max Printing Speed:300 times/min (synchronized with the packaging machine)
  • Printing Spaces:≥38mm(4sets type holder), ≥70mm(2sets type holder)
  • Printing Lines:T-characters≤13 lines,maximum 20characters; R-characters≤12 lines; Maximum 13 characters/line
  • Font Size: 3.4mm(other can be custom-made)
  • Ink Roll Size:φ36×32mm,φ36×40mm
  • Electrical requirement:220v, 50Hz, 320W