Linx CSL30 Laser Coder

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The Linx CSL30 a flexible, 30 W CO2 scribing laser coder that delivers high speed coding with low maintenance - with no compromise on code quality.

The Linx CSL30 laser coder produces sharp codes on fast lines, and even on hard to mark materials such as glass and rubber. It can meet your coding requirements as they change - such as changes in line speed, code complexity, or material types -  with no additional investment needed.


  • The powerful processor enables coding of complex codes onto fast lines and hard to mark materials – no delays between codes to slow down your line
  • Codes onto line speeds up to 900 m/min
  • Marks up to 2000 characters/sec

More applications

  • Over 20,000 different configurations are available, making it easy to match your precise needs, and allow economical use of the laser, which in turn gives the laser tube the longest tube life on the market
  • Choose between 10.6 µm, 9.3 µm (ideal for PET) and 10.2 µm (card) laser tubes for optimum coding on different substrates
  • Code onto wide web applications eg multiple lines of products, using only one laser with the largest marking area in its class
  • VisiCode® setting produces a clear code on cold glass whilst enhancing the laser life by making the most efficient use of the laser tube


  • One of the longest tube lives on the market (average of 45,000 hours*), thanks to the unique way in which the Linx laser tube is controlled.  Reduces your total cost of ownership
  • Two year laser tube warranty
  • IP54 rating as standard with IP65 option for reliable coding in wet or dusty environments
  • No expensive factory air for cooling - even in demanding environments with high ambient temperatures

Easier to integrate

  • Detachable marking head with quick disconnect cables makes integration into your line easier – even in tight spaces – and also reduces servicing time
  • Multiple beam delivery options allow for coding in any orientation
  • Choice of 3 m, 5 m or 10 m flexible conduit makes installation easier if the power source is not nearby

*Tube life may vary according to application