Download Linx SLHP Datasheet Brochure


The Linx SLHP (Scribing Laser High Performance) laser produces superior quality codes at some of the fastest speeds currently available on the market.

High speed/High power

The Linx SLHP is a high power, 120W CO2 laser which can code accurately at high speeds - for example in excess of 70,000 bottles per hour on high speed beverage production lines. The high power allows many different materials to be marked quickly and permanently –including traditionally hard-to-mark substrates such as glass, rubber and PET.

Quality coding

Graphics can be accurately reproduced, with the Linx SLHP’s vector-generated codes. Codes can therefore match packaging designs, provide unobtrusive coding, or anti-counterfeiting measures for premium products such as spirits, perfumes, cosmetics, tobacco as well as automotive products.

The high power of the laser means a shorter dwell time on the product, which reduces the chance of outside interference during coding, resulting in crisp accurate marks.

The laser’s large scan area enables coding of multiple lines, and a wide variety of information - from simple date and production details to legislative text, barcodes and logos. Complex codes for the pharmaceutical industry include GS1 and 2D Data Matrix codes.

Reliable and Future-proof

Both the laser marking head and the supply unit are IP56 rated, ensuring reliable operation in harsh production environments.

Efficient use of the laser source prolongs the life of the laser tube, making the Linx SLHP a long term, reliable coding option. No factory air or water is required as cooling is integral to the laser, which means no ongoing consumable costs.

With a wide range of coding formats available, and a long tube life, the Linx SLHP can deliver extra power, speed and codes as and when you need them, with no additional expenditure.