Linx 7900 Series

Specialist industrial CIJ printers

A robust printer suitable for specialist coding applications.  Linx Insight® remote web interface is included as standard, enabling you to monitor your Linx 7900 from a smart phone, and download or upload messages from a PC.  Prints up to 5 lines of text, graphics, logos and Data Matrix 2D codes.

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Key Benefits

Printing capability

Up to 5 lines of text, graphics, logos, barcodes

Maximum print speed of 27.59ft/s (for single line of code)

Print heights from .04in to .54in

Data Matrix 2D codes

Dynamic reverse/invert printing for traversing lines

Programming features

Linx Insight remote printer control and status view

Simple menu-driven WYSIWYG message creation and editing

QuickSwitch® Plus message selection and editing using a barcode scanner

PrintSync automated print format selection

Print History log

USB port for copy and back-up of message and printer settings, and for easy transfer of messages between printers

Physical characteristics

Curved stainless steel casing with minimal dirt traps

IP55 (washdown) as standard and IP65 (dust proof) as optional

Weighs only 46.3lb

No factory air required

Key Benefits with Linx 7900 Series

Built in automatic code setup features for quicker, error-free coding

Service intervals of up to 18 months or 9000 hours

Prints up to 5 lines of text, graphics, logos and Data Matrix 2D codes

Remote printer monitor and control with Linx Insight

Fast mistake-proof refills with the SureFill® system

Automatic printhead cleaning system ensures trouble-free start

Accurate record of line output – no more manual logging

Automatically selects the best message type according to the line speed

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